Kağıt Hurda

Hello, Walter. You're never gonna pay 'em off, what's the point? The only thing left to do now is leave town, you understand? 

I need your full attention, Saul. Jesse Pinkman current whereabouts. The sooner you tell me, the sooner you can get back to whatever the hell this is exactly. Whoa, you are good right there. Now lets both get comfortable. Now when I say I'm looking for Pinkman, we both know why, don't we. And you pretending otherwise only wastes my time and serves to annoy me. I trust the hole in the desert I'd leave you in. Don't make me beat you 'til your legs don't work. Now tell me where to find him, you know it's the right thing. 

I promise you this, either we're all going home or none of us are. Now settle down. On your feet.

Walter, you've been busy. You wanna put your arms out to the sides for me if you would? You know I haven't slept since Thursday? I was out all night cleaning up after you. I need my sleep. Mmm... yeah, funny how words can be so open to interpretation. You get your car fixed? You're gonna want to get your car fixed.